About MDX Wealth Management

MDX Wealth Management provides customized solutions

We provide customized management of equity and bond portfolios for our clients.


Our Fee Structure is Beneficial

Our firm’s only revenue comes from the investment advisory fees we charge, either as a percentage of assets under management or on an hourly basis, to manage our clients’ portfolios. Because of our fee structure, we have a vested interest in protecting and growing your assets.

We are a Valued Partner to our clients

We treat each of our clients as individuals, and manage client portfolio appropriately to their needs. We do not manage assets in any “pooled” way (e.g., a mutual fund or “model portfolio”). Instead, we partner with our clients to determine an investment strategy that supports their financial goals, lifestyle and risk profile. Communication is an essential part of a relationship, and as a general rule, one of our advisors is always available to our clients by phone or for face-to-face meetings.

Our Core Values

Our integrity shall never be questioned.
We shall treat each client with dignity- as if they were family.
We believe in protecting your wealth as well as your privacy.
We shall seek to truly understand your needs and be empathetic to them.
We hold ourselves accountable in all we do.